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Designed and handmade furniture


Our desire is to help you create a feeling of harmony  and beauty at your home, so you are inspired and ready to live your daily life.

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You know the desire to live comfortably surrounded by beautiful objects. Every one of us has this in our heart.
It is a kind of natural need, a hunger, a yearning, to feel harmony inside and in your dwelling too.
We know that you want your home to be beautifully and comfortably furnished
so you can feel relaxed and happy in it.

We also know that it is often difficult to find exactly what we are looking for.
Finding the perfect furniture or household item is not an easy task.
It can be difficult to imagine that ideal space to live in and how your home would look.
You`ve captured it in your imagination, but it's not that easy, in reality.

Our handcrafted pieces are characterized by solidity, top quality, originality, beauty and timeless design.
We offer well-designed and hand made furniture and accessories.
We have a thing about beautifully crafted and perfectly made furniture and items.

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We are a passionate team of artists and professionals
in various fields of art and craft.

We have been transforming people`s homes since 2001
by designing and manufacturing
furniture, original lamps, accessories, ornaments and creating fine art.

DIA Art Design team

Our Team


Andrzej Matras
Visionary and creator, artist, designer, painter, craftsman, perfectionist.

Always immersed in the creative process, with unstoppable energy and an ideas fountain. A workaholic! 

"...When I am thinking about myself, I always see movement, dynamics and expression. I don’t know how to rest idly..."


Dorota Iskrzak

Dorota Iskrzak
Artist, sculptor, painter, designer, perfectionist.

The co-creator of DIA

"...I have always been fascinated by beautiful objects, furniture and interiors. I'm sensitive to the detail...


Ewa Podles

Ewa Podles
Artist, painter and designer, the sorceress in creating atmosphere in paintings, in interior design and in life.

She creates spaces and arrangements where every detail matters, and the whole moves into another (better) dimension. A beautiful spirit and friend.

"...If I were to define myself in a word, I would say „aesthetic”. I am a collector of beautiful experiences and my main need is introducing harmony all around, creating spaces in which one feels comfortable, relaxed and creative..." Read more...

Krzysztof Warzybok

Krzysztof Warzybok
Manager, strategist and guide.

Serious, an incredibly consistent perfectionist. Sets goals for the DIA team. He can lead through shallows.

"... I love exploring self-development work, spirituality and  working in wood on a sunny day..."


While perfection is a very high order, Andrzej and Dorota come as close to delivering it as humanly possible. If you want to creating living spaces to inspire and last a lifetime, they are the people you should choose!
— Ramon T. Director, Cisco Systems