Each item is carefully designed and handcrafted using traditional methods with a great amount of passion and love. 
Finishing by hand ensures each piece is unique and no one product  is the same.
So here are some guidelines for keeping your items beautiful for life.

Wood and Metal

Typically, there is no more aftercare on DIA Art Design products, other than general daily cleaning with a dry duster, warm damp cloth or mild domestic detergent.  Wood surfaces should be wiped dry  after using damp cloth or detergent.
In case of spillages, surfaces should be wiped down immediately, especially for acidic staining agents like vinegar and lemon juice or household cleaners.


  • cleaning products containing ammonia, alcohol, bleach or petroleum,
  • using furniture polish as over time it can accumulate and leave a residue,
  • using polish containing silicone as it can spoil the finish over time,
  • direct sunlight or heat which can stain, discolour, crack or warp wood surfaces,
  • metal polishes products as they will damage protective coating of the metal,
  • dragging furniture across the floor.


Concrete is stain resistant. It will withstand red wine, coffee, fat and other likely spillages. It is advised that all spills should be cleaned with a damp cloth and wipe it dry as quickly as possible.