Crazy Triangle Table 03

Crazy Triangle Table 03


Solid, handmade table manufactured from reclaimed, over 100 years old oak with a steel structure. Inspired by industrial architecture.

70cm x 65cm x 651cm



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Product Description

Entirely handmade from a specially selected and uniquely grained solid wood, and metal, protected by an artistically painted patina consisting of several colours.

The oak planks are reclaimed and 100 years old.

Thanks to this, each version is unique and unrepeatable A simple fusion of a natural material and modern design which will suit almost any interior.

As in the yin and yang: the raw, industrial steel frame and legs contrast, while at the same time harmonise, with the warmth of the natural oak which is bleached and oiled to maximise its appearance and texture.

The elegant lines of the steel legs add a character of refinement and sophistication.

Details & Dimensions

Product Details Dining table

Weight (kg):    9.5

Material: Solid oak top, steel legs                          

Finish:       Irish Moss, Darkwashed                        

Care & Maintenance:   Wipe with a dry cloth
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SKU:   CRAZY-TRI-03                        

Product Dimensions Dining Table

Height(cm):   40                   

CIRCUMFERENCE(cm):    70cm x 65cm x 651cm                                         

Oak plank thickness(cm):   3.6

Packaging dimensions(cm):   

  • designed with artistic refinement

  • handmade from solid raw materials

  • specially selected oak planks

  • beautiful sophisticated finish

  • industrial durable design

  • solid table that lasts for life

  • each table is unique and timeless

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